Sunday, December 7, 2008

I can't wait till everyone has diabetes

That isn't to be confused with, I hope everyone gets diabetes. I just feel it is one of those inevitable things. This post doesn't just reflect my opinion on the development of diabetes, but all diseases of civilisation, but diabetes will be the focus of this post.

Nowadays there is a big belief that obesity, specifically in the abdominal region, has a strong correlation with risk for type-2 diabetes. I'm not going to refute that, there is (in my opinion) irrefutable evidence of this. But something people misinterpret with this is that they believe that being obese is the cause of people being diabetic. George, from the GymBodies forum, has said that he believes being fat is a symptom of bad health not the cause of it. I think that fits in perfectly with this topic.
According to Charles Poliquin and his Biosignature principles where your fat is stored says alot about your hormonal profile. I am not a Biosig parctitioner so I am no expert on this. The fat in each site is relative to the other sites, as is my understanding, so for someone who is morbidily obese and is fat all over does not give you a particular hormone profile. Specific fat storage (relative to the other sites) in the supra-iliac (love handles) region is a sign of excessive carbs in the diet.
So, to make this short, carbs=insulin, excessive carbs= supra-iliac fat storage as well as dulled insulin sensitivity/insulin resistance, and insulin resistance leads to diabetes. What I am saying is that there is correlation between having a big waist and getting diabetes but it isn't causation. In these sorts of studies they often fail to look at the subjects hormonal profiles and if they do they fail to look at why they're that way. Often they shouldn't have to, carbs cause insulin to be secreted, it's simple biomechanics. Make if they looked into a bit deeper for a real cause, the abdominal fat is an effect, they would understand carbs are bad. We are only treating the symptoms nowadays.

Now, why have the title that I did? Because.....because like I said I feel it is inevitable, one day, they (the mainstream dieticians, nutritionists, ADA, etc) will realise and when that day comes us low carbers/paleors, well at least me, will be saying I told you so. It's mainly everyday people who annoy me with the 'complex' carbohydrates, little fat stuff. I mean I understand they are being told this stuff by the 'experts' but the dish out this crap without understanding the basic stuff. Educate yourselves! How I previously said ".....understand carbs are bad." that is a blanket statement, I prefer not too make such statements but there too many things to consider and list for how to eat carbs effectively and how many, etc. for this post. Like I said EDUCATE YOURSELF, geez, read a book!!!

Our bodies try to tell us SO much, we just have learn, listen and apply!