Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Pursuit!

I'm not sure what sparked my sudden curiosity about left-handers and left-handedness. I mean I am left-handed but I've never really thought much about why I am or why we are the minority or what that means for me physically, mentally, emotionally, socially. So now that it has crept into my mind, I am sure it will become one of my pursuits to understand it, to understand myself!

I hope you have pursuits and are continually adding to them. For pursuits give you direction in life. Pursuits which take as little as an hour to accomplish to ones that take a lifetime or longer. Don't be like one of those ow so many kids at my school that is content with what they have, with what they are, with mediocrity.
It really disconcerts me to see these people so uninspired. So directionless. I consider myself to take a direction very similar to Bruce Lee's philosphy of 'be like water', in fact I would say that it is one of my biggest inspirations, my direction is like a river I let nature take its course but I can be directed and if my path is blocked I make another or I simply erode away the obstacle. But I don't need to make any philosophical explanations. I can have naked truth. I have pursuits. I have direction.

Try, practice, learn, experience, inspire, be inspired. Pursue!

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